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There are 41 Australian universities, of which 3 are private (Bond, Torrens and Notre Dame). Diversity and autonomy are central features of Australian universities. Higher education in Australia enjoys a high international reputation. Australian universities are part of a clearly recognised international community of scholarship, with academic staff recruited internationally, and students also increasingly coming from […]

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Australian School-Costs & Accommodation

Cost of Schooling in Australia School-level education in Australia is very cost effective, especially compared to other English-speaking countries. Costs vary from State to State and depend on whether students attend public or non-government schools. However, the following costs show what overseas students can expect: TYPE OF COST COST – $AUD Application feesThese cover the

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Structure of Australian Schools

Australian schools are divided into four stages. It is compulsory for all Australian students to attend school until Year 10 or age 16. The table below shows details of each stages. LEVEL NOTES Pre-SchoolDuration = 1 year.Student ages = 3 to 4 years.(Offered 2 years before Year 1) – It is not compulsory.– It is

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Australian Schools

Australian schools are either government or non-government (private), and they aim to focus on the individual learning needs of their students. The school system aims to meet the learning needs of each individual student. This helps each child reach their full intellectual and educational potential. Australian schools usually have a number of characteristics: Most schools

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Type of ELICOS courses

There are five major categories of English language courses generally offered in Australia to international students: General English English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Secondary School Preparation Examination Preparation English for Specific Purposes (ESP) In addition, some ELICOS centres have developed and deliver specific courses to suit the needs of particular clients; for example courses that

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The English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sector is an important one within the Australian Education system. English language training commonly takes place in dedicated colleges or centres. These centres are completely focused on the needs of international students, so they have highly developed support services for such students.  English language training is also very

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Foundation Programs

Foundation programs (also known as Foundation Years or University Preparation courses) take many forms but they offer an alternative means for international students to access post-school institutions. They are most commonly used as a pathway for students who do not meet the entry requirements of an undergraduate Bachelor degree program. Such programs are offered by

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Pathways for International Students

The AQF levels show how students can progress through the Australian education system. International students who arrive in Australia to study may begin at any level of the system. However, their academic or English proficiency may not match the level that they wish to enter. So, there are specific pathway programs for international students to

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Bridging Courses

Australian institutions offer a large number of bridging and short courses, which are not similar to foundation or Diploma programs. It is difficult to categorise them, because they are typically designed to support entry into a particular program at a particular institution. Also, they may have limited portability and recognition by other institutions. Some general

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