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AT Aussie Education and Training, we have developed our services and products with the international student in mind.Nearly all our staff were born outside of Australia, and many studied here as international students.

Our services are designed to be accessible and easy to use.  Each product was designed with the user or consumer at the centre of what we do.

Our Mission

We began when our founder Ted Chen, became increasingly frustrated while trying to help his friends in China organise their visas and enrolments for study in or migration to Australia.  Quality help was available, but Ted found that the service was not there, the support and services that international students and migrants needed, was not a priority to the companies who provided those services.

The Aussie International Group was formed to fill this need across many sectors.  At Aussie Education Services, we offer quality, timely advice and services to the international students for all your education, tourism and migration services in Australia.

We now offer a variety of services to international students including:

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