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Australia has a reasonably sophisticated ICT market of phone and internet services, including public phones, landline phones, mobile and internet services.  We have many phone and internet companies and the National Broadband Network.  It is important to be aware that none of the many service providers guarantee 100% coverage of the country for mobile and internet services.  It is important to carefully compare the services offered by various companies and the areas that they can provide coverage.

Mobile phones

It is best to purchase a SIM card or Australian mobile number when you arrive in Australia, as using your home phone number will incur high costs.  Your Education provider may provide you with a pre-paid sim to start you off. There are two types of mobile phone accounts you can choose from:


A prepaid service gives you flexibility because you control how much you spend and can stop using the service any time. Pre-paid SIM cards are sold in many shops and supermarkets, as well as by mobile phone providers. After an easy set-up process with the provider, you will have a working Australian mobile number which you can top up with credit as needed. You can usually top up your prepaid service online or at a range of retail outlets. Your mobile phone provider can provide details on how you can top up your service.


If you will be using your mobile a lot, and will be in Australia for a fixed period for study, a contract might work out cheaper for you. There are numerous mobile phone operators in Australia, and you can choose from a range of phone plans where you can get the handset with little (if any) up-front cost; you then pay a fixed price per month for a certain amount of calls, text messages and data.

Aussie Education Services can provide a pre-paid sim card for your use on arrival in Australia, for seamless transition of your phone services.  Please order a sim card as part of your package if you would like to take advantage of this service.


Many internet providers in Australia are also mobile or fixed phone carriers, and may offer pre-paid or contract internet plans just like a mobile phone service. If you choose a contract service, you will receive a modem, and you pay a monthly rate to get a certain data allowance. It is important to check the details of

Aussie Education Services can also provide you with a mobile internet service.

Making calls in Australia

Making international calls from Australia:

dial 0011 followed by the country code, the area code and the telephone number.

Calling Australia from overseas

dial 61 followed by the mobile number or the area code and telephone number to call Australia from overseas

For Australian calls within Australia dial the area code and number

02 New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory

03 Victoria & Tasmania

04 Mobile Telephones Australia-wide

07 Queensland

08 Western Australia, South Australia & Northern Territory.


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