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Let’s be honest, you’ve enjoyed being in Australia to study, but perhaps you are not quite ready to go home.  You might enjoy the lifestyle, or have that special someone in your life that happens to be an Australian, or perhaps you like the idea of working or setting up a business here.


Enrolling in another course:

Enrolling in another course is a simple way of getting some more time in Australia, but of course, it is a stop gap measure, as you will need to return home at the end of the course.  We can assist you both with enrolling and with a visa if you want to do this.

Professional year
If your studies are in a qualifying field, this is a good way to spend an extra year in Australia.  It helps you get some professional experience in a structured way.

It also grants extra points for competitive selection processes for some visa classes,

Skilled migration options
put your newly acquired skills to use in Australia for a few more years or permanently in some cases.

List of visa options:

  • 457 (closing soon)
  • 489
  • 189
  • 187
  • 887
  • 475
  • 495


Business and entrepreneur migration options

Put your newly acquired skills to use starting your own business or entrepreneurial activity.

List of visa options

  • 188E
  • 888
  • 132b


Family migration options.

Have you entered an exclusive long-term relationship with an Australian permanent resident or citizen?  Have some of, or all your relatives migrated to Australia?  If the answer is yes, then we can assist you to explore your visa options.

List of visa options

  • 309
  • 100