When you study or in Australia, why not make the most value out of your stay.  Homestay is where you live with an Australian family during your stay.  You get meals provided by your homestay family, and a supportive environment where you can practice your English skills.

Many homestay students report creating lifelong friendships with their homestay families.

Some things to note about homestay:

Many Australian families go to bed early 9:30pm -11:00pm and get up relatively early between 5:30 am and 7:00am.

Many homestay providers have rules about no Wi-Fi or internet between certain times. (Generally overnight)

Many homestay arrangements require you to be home every night.  This is great for high school students, but university students may find this limiting.

Often Homestay families will provide transport to school, but not guaranteed.

Homestay families will take an interest in your wellbeing and may act as a guardian if you are under 18.

Can assist with integration into the Australian culture.

May on occasion arrange social activities with you on weekends.

Will expose you to Australian and international cuisine, but the food may not be to your taste.