Learning new skills or knowledge through education is both exhilarating and challenging.  However, if there are barriers to learning, it can just become a drag.

It’s essential to have a full grasp of English if you are going to do well in your studies.  Even students who do well enough in an English test to get a student visa often report struggling to understand complicated English used in some courses.

There are a variety of free services and paid courses that we can provide you with to help you improve your English.

Free Test practice or test preparation materials.

Whether you are preparing for your student visa application, or need a better score for another purpose as an international student, there are services available for free to help you prepare.

Free service Free online practice test Free in person pre test (Sydney)

Download free practice tests

Free online practice tests

Download more free practice tests

Free online practice tests Download free sample tests

Free online Study material

Free language activities to eligible international students.

We provide you the opportunity to attend our events and seminars many of which are specifically focused on building confidence, presenting and speaking well in English.

English intensives

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) English courses in Australia provide an excellent introduction to English studies for academic studies, business, or recreation.

The English language industry, or ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students), as it is commonly known, has developed in Australia over a period of about twenty years, and is now one of the best known in the world. English language centres in Australia which offer courses to overseas students vary enormously. There are many Elicos Australian English schools to choose from, ranging from the small privately-run college with small group tuition, to the secondary school preparing students for high school studies, to large university or vocational education centres which will offer English in its own right or as a transition to any number of other tertiary or further training programs.

Please speak to us before enrolling in any course, as we can provide advice as to the best course, and we may also be able to get you a better price on your course.  We offer a Best Price guarantee* so you can have peace of mind that you get the best deal when you come to us.

NAATI accreditation

Why not take your improving English skills to new heights by becoming a translator?

This will build your confidence (and professional standing) Not to mention that if you complete a NAATI approved course and become a certified translator, you can be eligible for extra points in consideration of some visas.
*Best Price guarantee: We will beat any advertised price for your course by 5% prior to paying for your course.  After you enroll if you find a better advertised price for your course within 7 days we will refund the difference.  We need to be able to verify that the offer of price is genuine, advertised and valid for your date of enrolment for the offer to apply.