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Are you considering changing course?

It can be a difficult and expensive option to change your course as an international student.  However, the cost of not changing may be even greater, if you find that the course you have enrolled in is not up to your expectations, or that it is not fulfilling.

At Aussie Education and Training, we understand that a course that looked like it would suit your needs may not do so for a variety of reasons.

Reasons could include:

  • Course changes that take place after you enrolled;
  • Changes in your personal circumstances;
  • Difficulties with the institution or staff at the institution;
  • The course not catering to specific needs you have; or
  • The course otherwise not meeting your expectations.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.  We have a variety of solutions that could help you in this circumstance, and actually put cash back in your hand in some circumstances.  If you want to change the course you are enrolled in, then please contact us for a free consultation as to how we may be able to assist.

Please note that you have obligations to be enrolled in a course to meet the requirements of a student subclass 500 visa.

Remember paying for a 3, 4 or 5-year course that is not suitable for you is going to cause you problems in the future, so do not put off making an important decision to change course if this is appropriate for you.  Don’t waste another year of your time and another year in fees.

Our Education consultants are available for a confidential and obligation free consultation.

We take the pain out of changing courses.

We can offer discounts or rebates on most courses

Call us for a confidential discussion on 02 8303 2999