Australian School-Costs & Accommodation

Cost of Schooling in Australia School-level education in Australia is very cost effective, especially compared to other English-speaking countries. Costs vary from State to State and depend on whether students attend public or non-government schools. However, the following costs show what overseas students can expect: TYPE OF COST COST – $AUD Application feesThese cover the …

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Structure of Australian Schools

Australian schools are divided into four stages. It is compulsory for all Australian students to attend school until Year 10 or age 16. The table below shows details of each stages. LEVEL NOTES Pre-SchoolDuration = 1 year.Student ages = 3 to 4 years.(Offered 2 years before Year 1) – It is not compulsory.– It is …

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Australian Schools

Australian schools are either government or non-government (private), and they aim to focus on the individual learning needs of their students. The school system aims to meet the learning needs of each individual student. This helps each child reach their full intellectual and educational potential. Australian schools usually have a number of characteristics: Most schools …

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